Populate dropdown with enumeration items in ASP.NET Core

We can bind a dropdown with enumeration items without creating a look up table.

In Get enumeration items as a list in C# article we saw that how we can get enumeration items as a list to bind it to a data control.

Here is the enumeration we have been working with:

 enum UserStatus
        [Description("Pending Verification")]
        PendingVerification = 1,
        [Description("Pending Admin Approval")]
        PendingAdminApproval = 2,
        Active = 3,
        [Description("Blocked by Admin")]
        BlockedByAdmin = 4

We will slightly modify the utility class (perhaps the method) to make it available for binding to a dropdown in ASP.NET Core MVC.

Here is the modified utility class:

public class Enum<T> where T : struct, IConvertible

        public static List<SelectListItem> GetListItems()
            List<SelectListItem> items = new List<SelectListItem>();

            Type type = typeof(T);

            if (type.IsEnum)
                Array values = System.Enum.GetValues(type);

                foreach (int val in values)

                    var memInfo = type.GetMember(type.GetEnumName(val));
                    var descriptionAttributes = memInfo[0].GetCustomAttributes(typeof(DescriptionAttribute), false);
                    SelectListItem item = new SelectListItem
                        Text = val.ToString(),
                        Value = val.ToString()
                    if (descriptionAttributes.Length > 0)

                        item.Text = ((DescriptionAttribute)descriptionAttributes[0]).Description;


            return items;

Here is the view model:

public class UserViewModel
        //Other properties
        public int UserStatus { get; set; }

        public List<SelectListItem> UserStatuses { get; set; }

Controller action will look like this:

 public IActionResult Index()
            UserViewModel viewModel = new UserViewModel()
                UserStatuses = Enum<UserStatus>.GetListItems()
            return View(viewModel);

and finally the view code will look like this:

@model UserViewModel
    ViewData["Title"] = "Manage Users";

    <select asp-for="@Model.UserStatus" asp-items="@Model.UserStatuses"></select>

Hopefully it will help you to bind dropdowns with enumerations.

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