What is an IDE?

IDE stands for Integrated Development Environment is a software application that is used to build software applications.

An IDE provides various services under single user interface. Typically IDEs include following services out of the box:

  • Code Editor (Auto-completion, syntax highlighting etc.)
  • Compiler
  • Debugger/Code Profiler
  • Source Code Integration
  • Various other productivity features through extensions/plugins

Using IDEs make us more productive otherwise we need to use different components to write, build and debug our code.

Some popular IDEs are Visual Studio, Xcode and Android Studio etc.

Difference between IDE and Text Editor

Text editors provide only the features related to writing the code, i.e. code completion and syntax highlighting but they don’t provide the features to compile and debug your code.

However these are very light weight as compared to IDEs and are very helpful when you need simple code editing.

Some pouplar Text Editors are Visual Studio Code, Atom, Notepad++, Brackets, Sublime Text and Vim etc.

Which are your favorite IDEs?

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